10 Things I’m Looking Forward To: Spring Edition

posted on: March 19, 2014

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Happy Spring! Today is officially the first day of Spring and it is more than welcome. Since moving to San Francisco, I’ve realised just how much I took Queensland’s weather for granted. Everyday growing up felt like Summer. Now that we’re heading into April, the weather in the city is absolutely beautiful, just how I remembered it when we moved here last Spring.

To celebrate, I thought it would be fun to share what I’m looking forward to this season:

  1. My sister is having twins, and I’ll be back in Australia a month after they arrive.
  2. My little brother and the most gorgeous girl (inside and out) are getting married in July.
  3. My best friend is getting married in July too! And I’m her bridesmaid <3
  4. Daily walks in the park with my puppy, Delilah. It makes her happy, so naturally it makes me happy also.
  5. Pastel hues: nail polish, clothing, accessories.
  6. Bringing out our Paloma collection (it will be amazing).
  7. Discovering seasonal goodies in our CSA box. Our first one arrived today and I immediately roasted rainbow carrots with coconut oil and lashings of salt and pepper.
  8. My pen pals! As slack as I have been with getting back to you all, I can’t wait for my pretty stationery to arrive on your door steps.
  9. Longer days! As Summer speeds towards us, the days stretch out longer. Which means I can fit in multiple trips to the park and go on long walks around our neighborhood.
  10. I’m going home in July for the first time since October. It’s the longest I’ve ever been away, and I’m so excited to be returning. Give me a home among the gumtrees. Somehow I always get that song stuck in my head whenever I’m homesick.

What are you looking forward to this Spring/Summer?


  • Vanisha @ A Life Un-Styled

    All of that sounds so perfect. I don’t want to think about spring because that is a bit of a wait for me. Over the next few months I’ve excited about graduation in July, taking more trips where my title is finally listed as “Dr” (Oh I’m milking it Maddy!), Dunedin fashion week, our next collaboration – so excited and reading by fire as the days get colder xoxox

  • Nicole G.

    What an exciting upcoming Spring season for you!

    I am excited about a few things this Spring:
    1) Taking a break from Nursing School at the end of April!
    2) The weather warming up here in freezing Michigan!
    3) Wearing cute outfits!
    4) Taking walks and looking at the beautiful trees..
    5) And of course, enjoying outings with my daughters!